Yikes, Danielle Scutt

The picture at left is from Danielle Scutt's Fall 09 collection. No really, it's not a model wearing her Ricky's Halloween costume from last year. Because would a designer as awesome as Danielle Scutt really send that down her runway? Especially when she's showing a teen-tiny collection during extremely tough economic times? Well, yeah. Apparently. She also showed printed spandex bodysuits covered in zippers, unzipped to show strips of flesh here and there. There were lace up pants, cut-out flames on coat lapels and a sheer top underneath a torso corset with rhinestones splashed across the breasts. A couple of the dresses, including a textured t-shirt shift and the fifth one when you click through, we really loved. Otherwise, it would've been nice to caffeine-load instead.

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