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A.F. Vandevorst, or Would You Wear a Blanket?

An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx showed their Fall 09 collection at this garage in Le Marais that a few designers choose every season despite the fact that it's far away from everything else and the models literally have to stomp up and down a parking ramp to reach the runway. Their collection started with pretty tunic-like dresses in patches of navy and forest green with huge bags draped across the body. Then came bits of fur, jodhpurs, boxy skirt suits and coats. There were a couple of blankets, which were only more wearable than that Viktor & Rolf comforter they inevitably brought to mind. But we were too distracted by the nude nylons wrapped around the models heads to even contemplate the blankets. In fact, we were so into the hose headbands that we didn't even realize, until half way through, that their arms and hands were also stuck inside neutral nylons which made everything a bit creepy. I made a new friend on the way out who said, "It's really great that they have such a vision, but people can't really afford to wear blankets right now." Though when you look at it from an economical point of view, blankets might not be so bad.

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