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Castelbajac: This is Your Fashion on Drugs

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's collection was supposed to be inspired by muppets, though the backdrop was a pixellated mouth and the clothes more about stuffed animals in general than muppets in particular. There was one cape made of actual Kermit the Frogs and a skirt featuring that pink muppet whose name I can't recall. But one minute, there were leopard beanie babies on a model's hands and the next, a t-shirt dress printed with Michael Jackson's face. There were plastic trench coats and dresses made, literally, out of laminated hair that was in the best case a twisted ode to Margiela - but that's probably thinking about it too hard. And the cat heels weren't just leopard print, they had tails and whiskers, too. When one of the boys walked out in a Sesame Street print suit I thought of Jeremy Scott. And when it was followed by girls in money-printed dresses I thought of Jeremy Scott. But then at the end, models threw Obama-printed money into the crowd, and I thought of Gaultier. At least we know he had more than one reference point.

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