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High-Tech Helmet Heads at Lagerfeld

If the hot pink helmets Stephen Jones made for Giles last season weren't quite hip enough for you, don't worry. Karl Lagerfeld's one upped the Pac-Man reference. The designer showed his eponymous line this morning and sent out a parade of models rocking fur and crystal covered helmets. What you couldn't see from the audience were the iPods playing a slideshow of the collection. The elbow length gloves? They came equipped with iPhone holders, just in case your clutch is so tiny it can't hold a phone. The helmets and the caged heels were the best part of the if-Karl-were-a-woman-this-is-what-he'd-wear collection - though watching Jessica Stam hold back laughter as Peaches Geldof and Cory Kennedy wildly cheered her on from the front row was pretty good, too. Also, if we could ask Karl one question it used to be, "What's it like to have a butler hold your crystal goblet of diet Coke everywhere you go." Now it would be, "Why did three men with plastic instruments slowly walk down the runway before the models and pretend to be a band, without actually moving their fingers?"

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