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Luella Gets in on the Pre-Action

There's a little gem tucked into the new Lula - well there are actually a lot of gems but we're sharing this first: An interview with Luella Bartley reveals that she's working on her pre-Spring collection - her first ever pre-collection and an indicator, to retailers, that she's thinking more seriously about the commercial prospects of her brand. While runway shows breed excitement and creativity, it's the pre-collections that actually do best with customers which is why Resort and pre-Fall have become so important the past few seasons. They give designers a chance to transition into new seasons and new ideas without a major production. And while we love, love, pretty much everything Luella Bartley makes, it's always been a bit commercially difficult. This pre-spring collection she's working on could finally be the way to get her clothes to America (without Net-a-Porter's help). Accompanying Ellen Von Unwerth pics of her regular Spring 09 collection - after the jump.

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