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Paris Dispatch: Her Colors are Pink and Pink

We sent our intern to Colette to check out the Barbie displays and tell us all about it... If you’re spending any time in Paris from now until March 28th, be sure to stop by Colette to check out their full-on Barbie décor in honor of the doll’s fiftieth birthday. You already knew that the perennially hip Parisian boutique teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld to pay due tribute to the timeless icon, but what you may not know is that it's totally worth a stop. Downstairs, the walls are inscribed with tongue-in-cheek Barbie quotes, such as “I may be plastic, but I never melt under pressure.” Or “A plastic tan never fades.” And upstairs, they’ve installed a brand new wing, coated, of course, in scorching hot pink. The enclave is flanked by prim, attentive plaster poodles, also varnished in the doll’s signature hue. I purveyed the swarming masses from an overlooking balcony, which doubled as a gallery space for Lagerfeld’s Barbie and real-life Ken photographs, each featuring witty themes such as “First Marriage” and “Where is the Jet?” The photographs, signed by Lagerfeld himself, are available for purchase if you want a memento to outlast the Dylan’s Candy Bar treats. For now, I was content to leave with an adorable bottle of Uslu Airline’s nail polish, made in honor of our girl’s special day (FYI- it’s Pantone 219c). --EADDY KIERNAN (our other new Paris intern!)

I had to put my camera away after just a few shots - sorry!

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