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Sophia Kokosalaki Goes Clubbing

On Friday night, I stared at my suitcase trying to figure out what I could wear that would work for a hipster dinner in the 10th arrondissement followed by a black tie event in the 1st. I ended up with a weird mix of Marc Jacobs & Abercrombie - but one of Sophia Kokosalaki's Fall 09 dresses might have been better. Last season's Grecian warrior princess knocked a couple of years off her age, shortened her skirt and threw on a sick jacket - cropped, plated in metals, sequins - that was like fashion armor. A handful of dresses were constructed from sheer black fabric draped over nude jersey and silk - they reminded me of Alexander Wang. And the beribboned details brought to mind both Behnaz and Nina Ricci. Or it's just that time of the season where everything starts to look alike. The sturdy shoes caused a stir in rows one through five and I decided Olga Sherer's one of my favorite runway models. Also, Karlie's deathwalk still makes me giggle.

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