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Spring Peek at Loeffler Randall Fall 09

We spent the morning in a sea of Loeffler Randall shoes - it was like the really good dream we wanted to have last night but we got to wake up to it instead. Not to gush or anything, but Jessie Randall's fall shoes are incredible. She's come up with so many versions of the bootie that regardless of your height, shape, size, etc, you'll find a version that works for you. They come with cut-outs, chunky ruffles, thin buckles, thick buckles, built-in platforms, wooden heels, and our favorite - a chunky knit cuff that can be pulled up like a leg-warmer or scrunched down. It's the first time she's done a shorter version of their classic Matilde boot and it'll come in both black and embossed python with wide silver buckles on the sides. So if, like us, you've avoided booties up until now - consider yourself screwed.

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