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Streetwalker: Overalls & Oranges

Lolita, 20, art student Got her: Walking out of Freep'star, the second-hand store in Le Marais with her purchases in hand. Stalked her: Because while the jumpsuit may still be a foreign concept to most, everyone knows its more casual cousin, the overall, last seen sometime in sixth grade, and therefore due for a comeback - and Lolita's men's blazer totally makes it work! Shot her: Because her long necklaces were well placed and we loved the mix of silver and gold. Also, her blue scarf brought out the blue stitching on her blazer and for such a casual outfit she paid great attention to the little details. She said: "I like to think my style's a kind of uptight grunge! I'm just heading to La Durée for fresh squeezed oranges." We said: We're not sure what uptight grunge means, but we like it. --AMANDA GAVLICK

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