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The Whos Down in Who-ville The Louvre

The Who-hair at Guy Laroche made it easy to ignore the chunky sequin dresses and boxy jackets. I went to the show because I'm still kind of obsessed with Hilary Swank's Boys Don't Cry Oscar dress - and even though Guy Laroche circa 2005 was designed by Herve Leroux (formerly Leger) and Guy Laroche circa 2009 is designed by Swede Marcel Marongiu, I was hoping for something of substance. The show was small, in a room at the Louvre, and the models were good - Eniko Mihalik, Tanya D, Tasha Tilberg, Ali Stephens - but the clothes were made for the loyal customers sitting fifth row and the random New York socialites in the first. Those thigh high boots, however, a real leather version of the vegan friendly version Stella McCartney showed earlier in the morning, were made for the teenage models rocking them down the runway. Backstage, before the show, more than one threatened to run off with them and I'll admit, I was tempted.

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