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Ungaro Pops, Doesn't Break

Paris Fashion Week is suffering from a major celebrity drought. Which means that putting Rachel Zoe front row at Ungaro today was like feeding a pack of hungry wolves. The paparazzi went nuts and I almost believed the crush was for an A-list star. Nope. Just Rachel and her husband, with Brad happily behind them soaking in the brightly colored and surprisingly hip Fall 09 collection that Esteban Cortazar sent down the runway at the Louvre this morning. Everyone oohed at the royal blue chunky knit sweater - the shoulders were covered in fine silver chains and the wrapped neck practically swallowed the model's head. There were ruffled pink mini dresses and very cool black tights covered with silver metal dots. The architectural pieces didn't work as well but the ruched mini skirts and sheer blouses made up for it. And the girls made it down the runway without a single broken heel.

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