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When Scary Styling Happens to Good Clothes

The room at the Louvre in which Wunderkind showed their Fall 09 collection was completely coated in white plastic which lent an even creepier air to the Tim Burton-esque collection. It started out with lots of stripes, blouse-y fabrics pulled and bowed through button holes underneath exaggerated suits with contrast stitching, and peek-a-boo slits. There were brightly checkered leggings underneath sheer overlay skirts paired with chunky striped heels. Up top, some girls wore Mad Hatter top hats while others suffered from oversized fabric head wraps topped with caps, and hands were covered in scrunched patchwork gloves. It was like, how many pieces can you fit on each girl? The clothes were actually really pretty. The styling, however, made it look like a bomb had exploded in the poor designer's studio. If you threw on the colorful sequin leggings with something a bit more subdued they'd look amazing. Not that it isn't fun to see something wild walk down a runway - it's just that the showmanship is supposed to enhance the product, not distract from it.

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