A.L.C.'s Perfect Tees

We're big t-shirt people here at Fashionista. We wear them to work, to shows, to parties - we might've even tried to pull off a white tee at a black tie event, which means we're always in search of the perfect one. And yet we're not willing to pay $300 for The Row, no matter how Olsen-obsessed we may be. But yesterday, we finally checked out the new A.L.C. - that stands for Andrea Lieberman Collection. She's the super stylist who had a hand in L.A.M.B and guest-designed for jewelry company Mouawad before starting her own line last season. Anyway, we loved the tartan coats and skinny tux pants and spent a few too many seconds touching the cropped leather jackets but the t-shirts were really amazing. We wanted to nuzzle into the rack of super soft, almost sheer jersey and never leave. You can find them at Intermix and Barneys but if you think $147 is too much for a t-shirt don't even think about touching them or they'll be in your closet before you know it.

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