Kanye Makes Perfume

Parlux, the fragrance giant behind scents from Jes

Parlux, the fragrance giant behind scents from Jessica Simpson, Andy Roddick and Paris Hilton, has inked a revolutionary deal with Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West and an unnamed female celebrity (probably Beyonce). They're partnering with Parlux via Iconic Fragrances LLC., a different fragrance company owned in part by Jay-Z to make their deliciously sweet perfumes. But instead of just getting a check, the four famous faces will share in the profits through royalties and the Parlux stock they're about to inherit. "What they have done is, for the first time, they’ve calculated not how much they can sell but what they can make in profits and how the company can succeed," says Parlux's chariman. We can't wait to see how all of Kanye's aggressive fashion research plays into having his own fragrance. Will the bottle cull influences from both Christopher Kane and Louis Vuitton or will he capture the scent of the bustling first row? Stay tuned.

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