PUMA City Pop Up Shop

We were in Boston yesterday, not shopping or playing, but hanging out at PUMA City. The Volvo World Race, a hardcore nine month sailing extravaganza that kicked off in Alicante, Spain last October and ends in St. Petersburg, Russia this June, is docked in Boston for three weeks. Puma, a major sponsor of the whole race, has its own boat and team, too - they're currently placed second. A mini-village is constructed at each port and the centerpiece of this one is PUMA City - a pop up shop literally made out of the shipping containers it's sent around the world in. The three-story, red structure's open to the public and boasts a bar, a souvenir shop full of race wear, a Puma shoe store and a Puma apparel store full of exclusives like bikes, official sailing gear and new artist collaborations.

We also got a sneak peek of Sergio Rossi's super high sneaker heels for spring. And he's made a couple of pink and purple satin shoes that remind us of those Lanvin ones. There are a few new McQueen sneakers, but still no sign of his upcoming apparel for fall. If you live within a few hours of Boston, we'd suggest heading over within the next few weeks to talk to the sailors, see the boats and grab a bright red sailing jacket -- or you can watch video reel here. Otherwise you'll have to wait until Spring 2010 when the pop-up shop makes its next appearance at the World Cup in Cape Town.

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