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Vogue's Mind Blowing Models

So the new Vogue cover leaked, the much anticipated all-model one, and we're trying to think of something nice to say. Of course we love Liya and Natalia and Lara, and we're kind of thrilled that Anna Maria Jagodzinska landed the actual cover. And their American Vogue Hair and rosy cheeks really is enviable - we won't even touch on the subject of airbrushing except to say that it took us an extra minute to figure out that it was Jourdan Dunn in the middle. But we're stumped when it comes to any cohesive theme linking these women together. What exactly are "Faces of the Moment" and if Natalia Vodianova is one, what was she last year and the year before? None of these girls are new faces, none rose to fame this season, some are young and some are old, some are always in Vogue (Raquel, Liya, Natalia, Caroline) some aren't (Natasha, Lara). In fact, the only thing they all are is not American. Are these the girls we should all be watching? Who do you wish had made the cover?

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