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Nightcap: Burberry Bliss

It was raining yesterday, just in case you haven't heard, which was super appropriate for Burberry day, just in case you haven't read. The party in honor of the lighting of the new Burberry sign was held atop the Palace hotel, otherwise known as home to Chuck Bass. Even we had to walk the white carpet, strolling along behind Julia Roitfeld wearing that white Alexander Wang dress (someone should tell Vogue UK it's not Burberry). Tallulah Harlech rocked red lipstick while waiting for the elevator with Glenn O'Brien and Bendel's former fashion staff. We'd been handed a Burberry card at the entrance and showed it at the foot of the stairs, in the elevator, outside the elevator, to walk up the stairs, and finally to enter the penthouse where Alexa Chung dj'd in the same grey shift Hilary Rhoda wore - but with a vintage belt and chunky boots, of course. The band on stage, One Night Only, looked like they stepped out of a Burberry ad (complete with red guitar) especially with Lily Donaldson and Hugh Dancy standing stageside. That's about when we got trampled by Orlando Bloom and a ridiculously handsome hockey player who was not Sean Avery, which was also when they ran out of champagne and we ran home to finish Say Anything.

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