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Amber Valletta's New /

So WWD finally spilled on Amber Valetta's new desi

So WWD finally spilled on Amber Valetta's new design partner - it's Los Angeles based Monrow. Monrow's great, their shirts are super soft and perfectly baggy and wear better than their doppelgänger Kain. And Amber Valetta's great and hot and has always seemed like a pretty smart lady. But for some reason this collaboration's like the anti-icing on the anti-cake of collaborations and we're left wondering why these brands don't just hire the model or the actress they want as the face of their brand instead of trying to fool a public into thinking they're buying a product that actually stemmed from the minds of these women? Because Amber's collection of slouchy tees and tanks in a palette of greys and black and white and rose is exactly what Monrow already makes, except now they get to throw a supermodel/actress's name in front of the label.

She says, “I’m not interested in making clothes that are not accessible," but what she means is she's not interested in making clothes that 1% of the population wears and therefore don't make fortunes which, funnily enough, are the clothes that made her who she is. Can't she just wear Monrow everywhere. pose in their ads, take on an ambassador role or wax poetic to Vogue about their cotton without claiming to be a designer?

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