I have a sequin obsession. LSD's Met Ball tweet basically made my month. So when I saw this embellished sweatshirt from ADAM's resort collection, I Rachel Zoe-DIED. And then I made one. YOU'LL NEED: -1 hoodless sweatshirt (We used this) -Some fun, sequined and beaded appliques -Glue (We used Gem-Tac which is specially designed for use with rhinestones and sequins) STEPS: 1. Try on your sweatshirt. Park yourself in front of a mirror, and begin placing your appliques across your shoulder. 2. Pin the appliques to the sweatshirt, and when you're happy with the look, carefully take of your sweatshirt. 3. Lay your sweatshirt out flat, and glue down the appliques (be careful not to put a ton of glue near the edges so it doesn't seep out--I never trust the whole "dries clear" claims). 4. Let it dry overnight, and you're good to go! It doesn't get much easier. --MELISSA ELLIOTT

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