Good and Dodgy


"Sometimes, dodgy can be good". So said Christopher Kane to me once when we were chatting at a party, and a D-list starlet/soft porn actress walked across in one of his key looks of that season. Despite her astonishingly uplifted ass, I was appalled. He was thrilled. It took me a while to understand where he was coming from, but I always remembered his words over the years when looking at designers like Clare Tough. At her LFW shows, I would alternately be delighted or disgusted at the cheap looking patchwork jumpers, knitted swimsuits that no one could swim in, and astronomical prices.

Then I would wind up coveting one or two of her garments each season, and marvel at the workmanship and pure creative thought that went into them. And now it seems, so has La Moss. At the Blur concert last weekend, Tough's cred went through the roof as Kate wore one of her lace inlay vest/tops, inspired by vintage lingerie. Of course, analysing the look, slightly slipshod and dubious, Kane's words came right back into my head. Dodgy can be quite good. —CHARLEY B.