JA in the BK: Jonathan Adler's newest store is opening tomorrow...and it's right by my apartment which makes me very happy. Atlantic Ave is well on its way to becoming a hip shopping drag. {Racked} Going Concern: That's the name of the newest addition to our Breaking Media family! It's super dishy goss for the accounting/finance exec/CFO crowd - and there is lots of juicy stuff going on in that world. You know you've got a few people who fit that description in your life. Spread the word, dear readers. Spread the word. {Going Concern} Breathe In, Breathe Out: That's my mantra when I get really envious of Sea of Shoes, because after all she's a kid and I'm a grown-up, a grown-up without Margiela cowboy boots, but still. Now she and mom are in Vogue. I also keep reminding myself that jealousy isn't pretty. {Sea of Shoes}

An Honest Wage: Betsey Johnson and I had the same summer job. Cool. I miss those days at the North Willow Farms pool. {Style} Covered Up: Who better to create something to mask your tats, for say your conservative cousin's wedding than Kat Von D. {StyleWatch} Good Girls (and Boys) Gone Bad: What is up with fashion publicists this summer? So many lawyers, arrests and indictments. {Page Six}

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