Enough Already, Bazaar

Being a former magazine editor, and still a current magazine lover, I often get angry when I see things I once loved go sour. I already made it pretty clear how I felt about the pick-up paparazzi shot of Angelina Jolie that Harper's Bazaar used on the cover. And, forgive my rant, Glenda, but now I've got another gripe. Enough with the "At Every Age" shtick. Please. It seems like every single story in the magazine now has this age component. Apparently even cover stories are no longer immune as Leighton Meester has been digitally aged on the inside pages. I'm happy that Leighton scored a big cover. But is this really the best idea to be had about what to do with her?

I'm all for speaking to a wider audience than just twenty-somethings. I'm no longer one of those myself. And I recognize the intent to offer service to readers. But I truly don't understand the widespread use of this device. Not only does it cause readers to avoid certain sidebars or boxes, but more importantly it's just plain boring. Is this photo trickery with Leighton supposed to somehow bridge the gap between the Gossip Girl crowd and their moms? Because I definitely had no desire to see Blair transform into Eleanor. What do you guys think?

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