Leather Bound

I have a complete fascination with Angelina Jolie. While I realize I am far from alone in this space, I know that there still exist many haters. Now aside from the striking beauty, the children, BRAD!, and the devotion to humanitarian issues, I'm a huge fan of the simplicity of her style. The lady likes what she likes. What she likes is often black. And lately, she's been doing the more goddess-y gown thing. So I for one was pretty psyched to see her going more old-school tough girl in this A/W Michael Kors black leather dress last night at the Inglourious Basterds premiere in LA. I dare say she is one of very few actresses in Hollywood that could pull this off with the same badass attitude that Heidi Mount did on the runway. Michael Kors must be pretty psyched right now as basicially the two most famous (and photographed) women in the country are choosing his clothes. While Michelle Obama has been spotted regularly at public appearances in Kors, Angelina, not so much. Though we hear that she wears lots in "real life" and that the designer has even created capsule collections for her. So do you think Diane Kruger's pissed?

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