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Man Pants

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One of the first things that crosses my mind when I see Brad Pitt or George Clooney is "Those guys sure know how to wear a pair of pants." Seriously. Some girls look to the hands but I guess you could say I'm a pants girl. I love a man in nicely fit pair. But of course most people aren't operating on Clooney/Pitt budgets or getting custom fit by Tom Ford. At least not my friends. So when I noticed what I thought to be a rather perfect pair on a guy friend recently, I was expecting to hear that they were super expensive. But no, he tells me. They're this newish line Bonobos. The fit was great, without being too high fashion for some of the boys I know. And the butt, very nice. They've got cords, twill, pinwale, wool and seersucker with prices from $98-$188. Plus there are shorts and a just launched swim line (retailing for $58.) And there's color—which has been known to scare off some unadventurous males. Embrace it, gentlemen, embrace it. In the form of a good pair of pants.

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