Mass Attack

This morning while we were having breakfast with some beauty publicist friends, they pointed out a Cover Girl ad in the new issue of Marie Claire that got us talking. Now it's not news to anyone that mass cosmetic brands often follow in the footsteps of the department store brands in terms of technology and formulas. But we've never see anything as blatant as this ad that very clearly spells out which CG mascara is knocking off specific Lancôme and Dior versions. As in "If you like Lancôme Definicils, try CoverGirl LashExact". The full ad is after the jump. Before you all start in on me, I realize that not everyone wants to spend on prestige brands, but this is a pretty direct attack, and a definite change in advertising strategies from the past. Isn't this just saying "We know you did it first and we simply don't care"?

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