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Mid-Day Snack


Flashing Lights: It's not that we don't love a good picture of Lindsay & co., it's just that Giovanna & co. make for much better paparazzi shots. {Fashionologie} OMG & LOL: Kelly Bensimon to W's blog, "I love Navajo and I love the idea of taking Pocahontas out of the kayak and putting her into the disco. Everyone knows that she's had enough in her little canoe and now she's out and having fun in the disco." Kelly Bensimon to StyleList, "The bad thing about Pocahontas is that she's, like, in the kayaks. So I took her out of the kayak and into the disco so she could have a little fun."{StyleList & Jezebel} Ten Times Fast: Lucas Ossendrijver from Lanvin Homme is both hot and talented. Here are pictures of him, his studio, his team and the shop. {theSelby} Is the New? Jewelry designers Pamela Love and Arielle de Pinto are staging their own presentations next month. Meanwhile, two of our favorites, Bliss Lau and Eddie Borgo are working on exciting designer collaborations. {Style}

Britt's On With Alexa Chung: B's way too modest to post it, but I am not. She was awesome. In case you missed it, here's our girl live on MTV. xxAbby {MTV} End of the Road? Sounds like we'll be saying bye bye to Escada very soon. We're not really Escada girls, but still...bummer. Vogue UK

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