Mood Lifter

It's a rather gray day here in New York City, and coupled with the fact that I've had wicked insomnia all week and that I think I have yet another stress fracture in my right foot, well let's just say I'm rather cranky. So when I arrived at the office this morning to find a little bag from Urban Decay with this Kime Buzzelli for Blood Is the New Black t-shirt and Urban's new holiday palette, my mood brightened. Urban Decay had Kime, an illustrator and installation artist from the groovy Echo Park neighborhood in LA, to do create the art for their newest product, called the Show Pony Shadow Box after her clothing line and the fashion/art gallery space of the same name. And it turned out amazingly cool. It's making me relive all the Jem and the Holograms/Jericha/The Misfits fantasies of my youth. Plus, there are two new shadow shades exclusive to this palette and they're named "Snatch" and "Painkiller". Awesome. So, thanks Urban Decay for making me less bitchy this morning and giving me some pretty new eye shadow to wear.

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