Our Favorite Invites, Part I

Fashion Week invitations are flooding in and while some, like Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta stick to their classic cards, others use their invite as a sneak of their upcoming collections. The most orginal, so far, are a fan from Ports 1961 and a video invite from Rachel Comey. Mulberry's brightly colored invite means it'll be easy to wake up on the morning of the 15th knowing there's a room full of fantastical accessories to look forward to. And the invitation for Organic by John Patrick is actually a 1921 Cleo Throckmorton photograph, Krazy Kat Klub, recently hand painted by L. Mulero. Preen's recycled paper invite boasts a mesh, fishnet pattern that's awfully similar to last season's collection and Christian Siriano's dark mountainous image looks like a Rorschach test while Rachel Antonoff's old fashioned, embossed invite bills her presentation as a performance hosted by Sarah Sophie Flicker at the Henry Street Playhouse. Click for close ups!

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