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We May Need An Intervention

We've had quite the watch obsession this summer as you may have noticed here and here. I haven't actually worn one since sometime in the late 90s, but I've been going on and on about starting again for months in the form of one of these new Fall/Winter Swatch watches we just got images of. I must, for a moment, veer vaguely off-topic to note that my friend's aunt June (a fabulous lady in Beverly Hills whose life I liken to the fictional one Rose lived in Titanic after losing Jack—all those adventures you see in the photos) has what is very likely the largest private collections of Swatch watches in the country. No joke. She basically has a mini-museum exhibition in her house. And it's pretty damn sweet, like a walk down memory lane, especially for an 80s kid. I wish it was open to the public. I'm thinking a couple of these new models will end up both on my wrist and in Bev Hills with Aunt June. At the moment, I'm a bit partial to the NYC one pictured above. But I'm also digging the chainlink version, perhaps for slightly dressier occasions.

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