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Ashish Goes On Holiday

Ashish's show program said it better than I ever could: "Never one for subtlety, our heroine is dressed to kill (literally) with a wardrobe that reads like the greatest hits of a holiday brochure. She has a dress to match every cocktail shaken in the Panorama Bar [of the HMS Queen Camilla), and after one daquiri too many, you may well find her draped across the grand piano, resplendent in a hibiscus flowered sequined wrap. "Her taste reflects her destinations, like a Satnov in sequins she wears a map of Italy with more finesse than a Berlusconi babe and in Paris she glitters, like a living Tour Eiffel, or her halter ego the Mona Lisa, but with added lip gloss... "On shore there's scant difference, shredded t-shirts pay homage to her heroine Bo Derek, and as an ardent Facebook devotee, she'll frequently post images to her envious friends back home in sequined souvenir t-shirts - not that she even cares if she sees them again." And there you have it.

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