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Backstage at Jason Wu

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As I made my way into the St. Regis on 55th St. for my backstage appointment at 11:45 (the show was called for 12), Karlie and Lakshmi were just running in, on their way to hair and makeup. This rain is seriously making everything even later than usual. Ick. But inside, it was all kinds of glorious and pretty. Jason obviously has a thing for hotels (his resort show was at the Greenwich Hotel) and it makes for a much lovelier backstage setting than the tents. But it's still totally chaotic. There were like a thousand video cameras around Jason as he finished final touches on looks and they were in the way of me seeing the clothes, so I made my way over to hair and makeup. Lucia from MAC told me that Jason's girl this season is cute and sexy, but slightly raw (see: visible stitching on some pieces). And he's loving the Tim Burton-type girl, pale skin and major lips. And that's certainly what he got. The girls had three variations: a bright berry matte, a black currant matte, and burgundy reddish brown with a bit of shine. All this paired with fresh, glowy skin looked like a ridiculously better looking version of what I attempted this morning. Aveda's Odile Gilbert pulled hair up into a ponytail for weaving in pieces of black fabric in a criss cross pattern. She swears it should only take 10 minutes. I'm not wholly convinced but it does look super cool. On my way out, I peeked at as many outfits hanging in wait for the show as I could (along with the test shots for the girls' dressers). I was very much liking what I was seeing, especially the metallic touches on dresses and the feathery details. And there was definitely one knit top/skirt combo that has MObama written all over it. Shared the elevator down with Siri as she searched valiantly for some food. Apparently there was a catering truck outside. But wouldn't room service have just been easier?

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