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Bam Bam

Someone tweeted that they skipped yesterday's Jeremy Scott show because they weren't sure they could handle him so early in the morning. You don't really know what you'll get with Scott, though bright colors and something giggle-worthy's guaranteed, but this time he wasn't just inspired by a particular pop culture icon, he actually sent the Flintstone family down his runway. Pixie Geldof stood in for Wilma, Chanel was the perfect Bam Bam and Cole Mohr, well his barely there Speedo wasn't exactly Fred-like, but he was still head of the house in his "Your Cave or Mine?" shirt. Even more disturbing than the dude in a hot pink one-strapped Borat-like bathing suit was the amount of weight Daisy Lowe appears to have lost. Between her and Lara Stone's new approach, we're already lamenting the loss of a single curve on next season's runways.

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