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Brian Reyes Draws a New Face

Brian Reyes has had a loyal following of influentials since he first launched his collection in 2006. The Elle crew was the first magazine to get behind him in a major way and they were out in full force this morning, from Robbie, Joe, and Anne to the rest of the fashion news team, and celebrity guest blogger, Becki Newton. Longtime fan Rachel Bilson and her stylist Nicole Chavez were also in the front row yet again. But this season brought a new major face...Carine! I get pretty excited when I'm at the same show as CR, so I can only imagine what it feels like for a designer knowing she's watching their show for the first time. What I always love about Brian's clothes, and what I saw again in this collection, is that he brings in the uptown training he got at Oscar but makes it young and cool and something I really, really want to wear. Now there were some teeny tiny shorts that will definitely work on the adorable Rachel B. Me, not so much. But the prints were gorge and the dresses were incredibly "it" girl appropriate. Usually, black isn't what comes to mind when I think of Brian's clothes, but the dresses in that color were some of my favorites. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some awesome Vogue Paris credits.

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