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Catherine Malandrino Goes Tribal

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To the Malandrino PR peeps: There was really no need for all that yelling and stress outside, seeing as how it was a presentation where we could walk around at our own pace. Fash Week brings enough dumb stress on its need to add to it without reason. Once I got inside though, everything got tribal, in a clothing way. There were multiple sets of models in various patterns ranging from striped neutrals to loud purple and embroidered black. I must say that I really liked a number of the pieces that each tableau had to offer, even though I found it all a bit unexpected. And I would like to thank Catherine et al for not using a massive group of really pale, white girls. Seriously. Also, if you guys happen to make a larger version of that purple one shoulder dress, I would be happy to take that off your hands. That is all.

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