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Clowning Around at Temperley London

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Usually clowns freak me the F out, but I was totally digging them at the Temperley presentation last night at MILK. Alice noted that 20s and 30s clowns were the inspiration behind S/S 2010 and you could see it in the black and white prints, the stripes, the tailored jackets, and of course the top hats. There was everything from super fancy long gowns to day wear. And I'm pretty sure a bunch of those cocktail dresses are going to wind up on a red carpet (Rachel Zoe, take note: I'm seeing definite Jen Garner potential here. She always looks banging in Temperley London.) The bags and the belts were also pretty ridiculous, in a good way. Loving the purple and loving the hardware. Plus there was the whole beautiful and intricate zoetrope thing happening in the middle of the room that was flashing digital images of models onto one of the walls so quickly that it looks like a film. Now this is the kind of clown/circus action that I can get into.

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