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Cut and Print at Carolina Herrera

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My first stop this morning was backstage before the Carolina Herrera show where I first caught up with the beauty peeps. Even though they've got their own thing going on over at Milk, the MAC artists like Diane Kendal are still working it at the tents too. Today's look was fresh, clean, groomed, classic beauty. No reason to go off type for the CH girl. Orlando's hair was pretty awesome, with metal bits woven into the messy updo. A modern take on the chignon if you will. Then it was over to the next room to have a first look at the clothes. 38 looks in total, each worn by a different girl with Natasha opening and Magdalena closing. Let me just say I wasn't loving what I was seeing. Everything was, of course, beautifully made. But the prints were just not pretty to me. And while I realize that orange is kind of happening, I'm not its biggest fan. There were lots of dresses but also plenty of shorts. Graydon, Glenda, Anna (with bodyguard again), and Emmy Rossum (whose fame forever eludes me) all waited patiently in the front row. Now once the clothes were on the girls and out on the runway, I definitely like them much better. But I'm still not sold on those prints at all. The last dress on Magdalena did look quite stunning, even if it almost took her down in the middle of her walk. Nice recovery, lady.

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