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Dennis Basso Does Degas

Dennis Basso’s newest collection of evening wear is coming soon to a debutante ball near you. The designer says that his company is all about a “lifestyle,” which was evident from the usual crowd he drew for his show. Apart from a handful of expected editors, the front row was filled with the requisite uptown types of all ages—and I saw some serious bling and Balmain on those walking in—looking for a dress for next season’s events. For the younger set, there were plenty of short dresses, whose cinched waists, voluminous tutus, and muted color palette were inspired by the ballerinas of Degas. The floor length gowns were equally as beautiful, and many of them were adorned with rosettes and metallic silk. I can’t forget about Basso’s signature fur, which he incorporated into the collection as bolero jackets and long vests. Speaking of fur, all show-goers got a special treat as they exited the tents: the most grotesque animal-rights display I've ever seen, complete with a man in a skinned-animal suit, wielding what looked like a dead fox. I walked away feeling guilty and I don't even wear fur. Yikes.

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