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Devi Kroell Rocks and Rolls

There've been a record amount of presentations this week - a trend we love so long as it never signals the death of the proper runway. However, depending on how and where the models are arranged the system can either be perfect or disastrous. In the past three days Chris Benz, Devi Kroell and Betsey Johnson have all employed the same idea - stick all the models on a stage at one end of the room and let the crowd angle for the best possible view. Presentation rule #1: make sure your models move in and around your audience if they're not elevated above the crowd otherwise it's impossible for those of us below 5'8'' to see anything. Anyway, even though I had to hold my camera high above everyone else (pushing to the front is even worse) Devi Kroell's presentation looked pretty. They propped up white cut out waves in Cedar Lake and had models moving in and out of them in front of the crowd. The clothes were cute, very ruffly, shiny and said something like, "I'm a demure party girl."

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