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Do You Katrantzou?

Last season, Mary Katranzou's collection was inspired by old perfume bottles; their images were screen printed onto silk in a range of jewel tones. For spring, she was inspired by blown glass and presented a series of brightly printed dresses with more creative shapes. She added a pinch of glitter to some and serious jewelry to others, all with towering Louboutins. So many shots of color swirling together made me realize how neutral New York's spring collections were. London's always more colorful (and not just color wise), but I don't think New York's usually so boring. Since she and Mark Fast showed back to back without a break in between, most everyone was talking about Mark's "fat girls" (their words, not mine) on the way out, but I tripped up the stairs behind Christian Louboutin. And though he spoke French and I'm so far past exhausted, I'm pretty sure he thought Mary's collection was fantastic.

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