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Erin Wasson Likes To Party

We expressed some concern earlier about whether or not Erin Wasson would be able to fill the largest venue at Bryant Park for her RVCA show. But fill it she did with a rowdy crowd for the evening show. I was surrounded by some hard-partying downtown types who seemed to have a huge fondness for whiskey and getting in the way of me taking pictures. So apologies for these kinda sucking! Also on hand, Little J, doing her own downtown indie rocker thing, complete with sheer thigh high tights and messy hair extensions. Bruce Willis and model/wife Emma Hemmings came in just before the show started and smiled for a few pics. And while I couldn't see them, I heard from @Modelinia that Behati and boyfriend Jamie Strachan were smooching in the front row. Gang Gang Dance played live, complete with a dude whose sole purpose seemed to be waving a garbage bag flag. I was definitely not musically groovy enough to have known who they were right away. But the experimental indie-ness of their sound is exactly what I imagine Erin Wasson being into. Freja opened in the show, baring midriff. And Lily closed in a floor length Victorian bed jacket ensemble. In between there were lots of denim, slouchy tees, and Irina in stripes. It was hipster meets hippie meets Erin Wasson, who danced out to raucous applause and cheers at the end of the show. And seriously, if anyone can explain the garbage bag flag, shoot me an email.

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