I'm Sorry Jillian Lewis

So my first presentation of the week was in midtown, at a car showroom. I've always had a thing for Audis, so it was all good. But seriously, the Audi Forum on 47th and Park is playing host to a lot of presentations this season. So I appreciate the auto makers for making the space available for designers, even if girls spinning around on a large circle feels a little car show-esque. Now, I wasn't Jillian Lewis' biggest fan back in her Project Runway days, but I did appreciate her preppy Ralph Lauren aesthetic. Her evolution...I'm not so sure about. The pieces she showed today seemed late to the game Balmainia meets equestrian/medicinal leggings meets metallic purple meets hard and soft that is just a bit off. I know I sound harsh, but I just can't find a lot to love about the collection. And I did really want to...I swear.

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