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Karen Walker's Psychedelic Prep

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We knew Karen Walker's SS10 collection was going to be wonderful when the show program described the inspiration as "cult 1960's British television show The Prisoner, a seaside holiday resort that serves as a prison for retired spies, combined with trippy 60's psychedelia..." That sentence sums up all our fashion fantasies, particularly the one where we fight the Cold War in Pucci with Penelope Tree. But back to the real world... In the cozy Altman Building, Karen Walker showed a crisp collection filled with lots of navy, cardigans, blazers, and ruffles galore. Her signature classicism went psychedelic with bold acid-trip prints, round tortoise shell sunglasses, yellow straw hats, and a PVC miniskirt that made us swoon. Walker collaborated with shoe brand Pointer to make boat shoes in unexpected colors that models wore with white striped athletic socks, a look we wish we could pull off. The accessories rocked, too - gold charm necklaces and printed totes (is a bag line on the horizon?) rounded out a prim and proper LSD (the drug, not the socialite this time) fantasy. We left longing for summertime in Nantucket, especially on this hazy, rainy day.

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