Marc Jacobs' Blank Slate

I got to Marc at 7:45 - the earliest I've ever been in my entire life. There was a line for ticket holders and a line for not ticket holders. I'm not sure what happened to the latter because my ticket was turned over, flipped upside down and the beefy security guard even read the serial number. Once inside the boiling hot white box I was told a) the girls were painted white and b) Lady Gaga was definitely coming. I stationed myself behind Katie Grand, Juergen Teller and Jefferson Hack (down the row from Rachel Zoe and across from Anna and Bee) and soaked in all their British (and I guess German) brilliance. At 8:03, Perez Hilton was still by his lonesome and the two conspicuously empty seats were filled with Madonna and Jesus. PR's panicked, "Lorenzo swore he'd take care of it!" Iris Strubegger opened in a charcoal coat belted over something cream with a very white face and very Geisha shoes. Ruffles followed on suits, dresses, skirts, bags, scrunchies, they came in tulle and wool and cotton and anything else. Karlie wore a military coat, Stam rocked a black cut-out jacket and Vlada had her bra on the outside. The show ended with a series of beautiful dresses, hand beaded white over nude tulle and cream ruffles edged in black all over slightly loose nude mesh leggings. Lorenzo and Gaga did show up about twenty looks in. Photographers went nuts, do we photograph the clothes? Madonna? Gaga? Clothes please.

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