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Michael Kors Goes Gaga

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Anna's bodyguard earned his keep yesterday at Michael Kors keeping the throngs of photographers swarming Michael Douglas (yep that Michael Douglas, sans Catherine Zeta Jones) from getting to the EIC and Grace. But eventually she got irritated enough to move to the second row until just before the show started. Michael always puts on one of the most fun (and biggest - 67 looks!) shows of the week and he definitely stayed true to form with a soundtrack that started Gaga then mixed in Madonna before going back to our Lady of the week. "Poker Face" pretty much always gets me going, even on a gray morning nearing the end of Fashion Week. The clothes gave me a boost too. Clear plastic panels on dresses! Major bubble necklaces! Metallic pants and shorts! Seafoam galore! Zippers! Delicious spring sweaters! And as Britt so aptly said, a finale dress (pictured above) "that will be on Heidi Klum in 2.5 seconds."

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