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Night 1/2

at jenni kayneLast night, what I've been calling day 1/2 of Fashion Week, was a whirlwind. I left the office and ran to Jenni Kayne's presentation in a tiny slip of a room in Soho. Models stood on one wall while editors and photographers stood six inches away on the other. The clothes were great, easy comfortable California-cool with neon yellow, slouchy khakis and my favorite, blue and white striped tops. From there I ran uptown to the opening of the Merci.Gap pop up on 5th Avenue. Patrick Robinson sat in the corner amidst the carefully curated vintage and customized trench coats and editors shopped the charming housewares and one-off jewels. Then I walked (ouch, out of heel practice) to the Audi forum on 47th & Park to catch Mikael Kale - the Canadian designer favored by Rihanna and Beyonce. He hand sews each and every one of his intricate dresses and I was told to keep my eyes on the VMA stage to see more.

Then I ran to the Preen party and watched giant images of the line projected onto a brick wall at the Soho Grand and said hi to Modelinia & Stylesightings before heading to Anna Sui's Target debut in a decked out building on Crosby. Penn Badgley and Michelle Trachtenberg held court at the front of the Gossip Girl inspired exhibition until Blake Lively got there and chastised the photographers for snapping pictures of her making out with her boyfriend. Finally made it to the Mick Rock exhibition on Bowery where I missed RashomonRebel (boo), but found hungry looking models. Then it was home to realize I'd left my camera cord at work. Too bad. Unwound with Jordan Catalano (thanks Hulu) before hitting the hay. Promise more proper Fashion Week reporting from here on out.

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