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On Vacay with Carlos Miele

The first thing that I noticed walking up to the tents this morning was the always impeccable Carine Roitfeld wearing a wide-brimmed floppy hat. Her choice was perfectly appropriate for the beautiful weather we’re having today, as well as for the islandy feeling of the Carlos Miele show. The show opened to a soundtrack of loud, lively Brazilian music—claps, whistles, and all —and flirtatious grins from Abbey Lee, Eniko, and Constance. The dresses that came down the runway immediately made me long for a tropical vacation, with their sheer, billowy fabrics and brilliant colors.

There was a break from the bright hues in the middle of the show, with a series of nude, black, and white pieces, many of which were adorned with sparkly, metallic accents. Repeated throughout was the use of denim and wool bolero jackets and fringed “dreadlocks” that gave the otherwise silky garments some texture. The majority of the clothing was not for everyday wear - even the tank tops and button downs were completely see-through - but if you’re in search of a pretty piece for a summertime getaway, you’re looking in the right place.

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