Organic Chemistry

As soon as the BCBG show ended this morning, a nice chunk of the crowd made their way a few blocks south to Keens Steakhouse for the Organic by John Patrick presentation, styled again this season by Lauren Goodman. Now nothing makes me happier then a quick compliment (well, except looking at pretty clothes, hair and makeup), especially when it comes from one of my all-time favorite models, Shalom. She was holding court up near the bar and I had to snap a shot of her adorable bow tie. When she gave my blazer, boyfriend tee, and bleach splotched JET jeans the thumbs up, I knew my day was going to be just fine indeed. Thanks, Shalom! The collection definitely didn't disappoint either.The dark room and the ultra sexy pin curls and red lips (thanks to Odile Gilbert for Aveda and Gucci Westman for Revlon) perfectly offset the pretty yet sultry spring selections. There was definitely a bit of a boudoir thing going on. And the pieces felt like a natural, lighter evolution of the strong, dark fall palette we saw in February. I'm pretty sure Britt should put in a personal order for one of those trenches asap while I'm eyeing the pastel printed dresses. And of course, you don't for one second get the sense of anything crunchy or granola. And that's just the way we like our sustainable fashion, thank you very much.

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