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Perfect Layers, Courtesy of Nonoo Lyons

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There's really something to be said for focusing on what you're really good at. And for Nonoo Lyons, that would be jackets. We first showed you their creations back in July, and we weren't disappointed by their offerings for spring. Designers Misha and Deborah kept pants off the table again and gave us 12 pieces inspired by pin ups, corresponding to the months of the year, with a super cute lookbook/calendar to reinforce the direction. Each jacket has its own special details—from delicately stitched pockets to perfectly ruffled backs and colors and fabrics that had us longing for layering sorts of days. The ruched blue sleeves of Miss October, the neon colors in Miss June, and belted yumminess of Miss August were standouts. And the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" paired with gumballs, candy hearts, and Pixie Sticks at the presentation certainly didn't make us unhappy either.

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