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Phi Phie Pho Phum

The Phi show was just down the block from Milk studios, but it couldn’t have been more obscure. We entered through a random door, stood in a cold cement hallway, shuffled into a freight elevator and walked into a narrow L with a mini-pit and just three rows - three power rows though. LSD, Carine, Sarah Lerfel, Kate Lanphear, Erin Wasson, Trainas and Sarah Rutson all sat front row to soak up the power bondage collection. Designer Andreas Melbostad was inspired by levers and pulleys, wearable technology if you will, that resulted in strapped and buckled corsets over sheer tees and dresses with sharply tailored blazers and pants. As in any bondage-like collection, it’s hard not to stare at the shoes, but Melbostad‘s laced up, cut out dresses certainly helped. Every single piece was so beautifully built that we walked away lamenting what it’d look like when Zara tried to rip it off.

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