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Pretty Is As Pretty Does at Cynthia Steffe

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Season after season, Cynthia Steffe makes cute clothes that a lot of my friends (and yours) either wear or would want to. You don't expect to see anything directional, and that's no different for SS 2010. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I like that the line, for the most part, doesn't try to be something it's not. Even when it comes to the hair and makeup. It was easy and wearable and a pleasant way to ease into my day. The best parts of the show were the colors, particularly the periwinkle and seafoam green. Because you know what I've decided? There's not enough seafoam in my life. The big bow headbands, however, seemed like an attempt to bring the bunny ears phenomenon to the people, but I wasn't feeling it. Bunny ears should just be bunny ears. And that's that. However there were some super cute lightweight denim jackets and blazers that I'm very much looking forward to wearing. And apparently, I'm going to be embracing my distinct swimmer shoulders this spring, because literally everyone is showing one-shouldered numbers. On the other hand, this bare midriff thing I'm starting to see, well, that's a whole different issue that may involve revisiting the pool.

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